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The cosmetic industry has been looking for natural alternatives to reduce the oxidation process, on which the vegetable oils and fats used suffer a high incidence.


The Chemcare developed the CareSTAB 133 based on a carboxylic acid (INS-330), with significantly antioxidant action, which uses as carrier an amide (sorcinate), to facilitate dispersion in lipid medias.


The results of the applicability of CareSTAB 133 can be proven below through the Rancimat 110C, test report run by ITAL in Campinas (SP).

Cosmetics Industry


Technical Datasheet - CareSTAB 113

Pure coconut Oil

Pure Coconut Oil + 500 ppm CareSTAB 113

Beverage Industry


The whole Juice market is expanding, particularly the pasteurized, PET bottled and refrigerated.


This kind of packing makes the stability of the products more difficult, especially when it comes to vitamins, essential oils, natural pigmentation, etc., significantly shortening shelf-life (2 to 3 weeks).


The use of CareSTAB 035 has significantly extended shelf-life of more sensitive components such as whole juices, allowing the industry to work with a shelf-life over 10 weeks.


Alongside, we present the work made in partnership with a great juice producer.

Shelf-life Studies Report

Technical Datasheet 

Applications by Industry

  • Bases and fruit preparation base for dairy beverages

  • Mixtures for ice-cream, soft type.

  • Bases and fruit preparation bases for soy beverages and related.

New Challenges to the Food Industry


The development of new types of packing for industrial products is going through a critic moment. Many aspects need to be considered, such as process technology, filling types, reverse logistics, final product cost impact, packing recycling program, etc.


The plastic packing is increasingly becoming costumers and food and beverage industries favorite option for different aspects such as “seeing the product”, ease in recycling, low cost, etc. However, marketing and sales team face some difficulties in managing the shelf-life reduction of these products which were packed in plastic packing, because they leave these products exposed to oxidation.


With that in mind, the CHEMCARE has developed a product line that can on significantly way, help on this problem faced for most of the food and beverage industries. With the application of the Carestab Family products we have surprisingly increased the shelf-life of the products wich were packed in plastic packing.

Shelf-life Studies Report

Technical Datasheet - CareSTAB 035



  • SOY BEVERAGES (fruit flavor)






  • AÇAI





  • CITRUS (orange, tangerine, etc.)

  • GRAPE (white and red)

Segments for Applicability

New applications addopted by our cients: